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Genie 2028

Genie 2028

Choose from Belt Drive or Chain Drive

The Genie 2028 can be set up for the belt drive option for quieter operation or chain drive for economical value.

DC technology allows your door to begin and end its movement smoothly instead of abruptly whenever you operate it, creating less noise and less wear on the door.

The quality built into a Model 2028 is backed by a 10-year Limited Warranty◊ for the motor and 15 years for the belt drive rail (5 years for the chain drive rail).

The light bulb is positioned toward the inside of the garage instead of on the door for light where you need it most.

Automatic force profiling and diagnostic technology improves safety by stopping operation when significant changes occur.

What's Included

What’s Included

  • Genie 2028 professionally installed on your home
  • Belt Drive or Chain Drive Rail for a seven foot tall door (additional charge for taller doors)
  • Pair of Infrared Safety Sensors
  • 3-Button Remote
  • Wall Console
  • Take Down and Removal of your old garage door opener
Wall Console

Wall Console

Three-function wall console with backlit panel that is easy to locate in the dark. Sure-Lock mode allows you to lock-out the keypad and remotes for extra security at night or while on vacation; newly designed switch helps prevent unintended activation of the lock-out feature. Handy programming card located in holder on the console for quick reference.

Genie Garage Door Openers

Genie Wall Console


Remote for Genie 2028

This remote with Auto-Seek Dual Frequency (315/390 MHz) allows you to operate up to 3 openers. It comes with a visor clip and can be used with a key ring. Backward compatible with all Intellicode® equipped Genie openers.

Remote for Genie 2028


Genie Wireless Keypad (Optional)

Mounts outside your door to give you keypad code access to your garage. Back-lit keypad lets you easily see the numbers. Controls up to 3 openers. Choose a color for the flip-up cover that best complements your home.

Keyless entry for Genie 2028


Warranty Genie 2028

  • 10 Year Motor and Gearbox
  • 15 Year Rail (Belt Drive)
  • 5 Year Rail (Chain Drive)
  • 1 Year Parts and Accessories


DC Motor

DC Motor

The DC motor offers quiet performance. The DC motor also gives the ability to integrate Soft Start & Stop control, meaning the door begins and ends its travel smoothly instead of abruptly. This also helps create less noise and less wear and tear on your door.

Wifi (Optional)

Aladdin Connect

If you are like many homeowners, the garage door is the largest and most used entry point to the home. Monitoring who is going in and out of your garage or having the ability to use your smart device to operate the garage door gives peace-of-mind and control.

Aladdin Connect does those things and much more. With Aladdin Connect not only can you check whether your garage door is open or closed, but you can also:

  • Instantly know that someone is operating your garage door, whether the person is an authorized user or not.
  • Know when someone is manually operating your door so you can take necessary steps to find out who and why.
  • Open the door for anyone such as delivery or repair persons, relatives, or friends when they call or text you upon their arrival so you don’t have to provide a temporary access password.
  • Have a history for each opener of when the door was used including dates & times.
Belt or Chain Drive

 Belt or Chain Drive

Choose the belt drive option for quieter operation or chain drive for economical value.

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